Working for a Living

This week we are still looking at the jobs report and its effects on the stock market. It has caused some concern that the Labor Department could still revise the report lower. Mortgage bonds are still at a two year low.

Economists are still looking at a possible rate cut in coming meetings to help the slowing economy; however, with inflation raising it is unlikely future cuts will happen.

There are tips in today’s update for you to review regarding who is taking the losses in the market and what you can do to protect yourself with home loan rates and great advice regarding your credit cards. I hope this information helps you with your financial planning.

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Happy Holidays!

Good Afternoon and Happy Holidays!

Mortgage pricing is up slightly this week as investors moved money out of bonds after the PCE-Core report came in today slightly above expectations…. Okay okay what does this mean? The PCE measures consumer spending and is a report to measure inflation. We’ll be watching inflation to make sure it doesn’t get too far out of control. But if inflation continues to be a problem rates will continue to go up. If you are working with clients be sure to pass along this information so they can get locked in at the low of 2 year mortgage rates.


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